Corporate Social Responsibility

Animo is aware of the general interest into the demand of sustainable manufacturing and it wants to make its contribution to enhance corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the chain of values. Animo feels strongly about sustainable profit and continuity in line with the responsibility for the environment, society and work.

Recycle to the Max

Right from its foundation, Animo has worked with high-quality stainless steel, not only indestructible, but a 100% recyclable raw material as well. Animo has paid attention to saving energy, both short and long term, with the motto: “Recycle to the Max”, and is allied with Dutch organizations weee® Nederland, CSR the Netherlands NVLG and FME.

Operating with care for the future

Animo is a socially involved company. By consciously giving thought to the way in which the company operates and the consequences of our actions and then organising our operations in accordance with this, we at Animo hope that we can contribute to a world in which generations after us will have a future also.

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