The new OptiFresh of Animo is easy to operate with easy-to-swipe touchscreen. The machine can be placed practically anywhere and it is simple to use. Brew fresh filter coffee, cappuccino or tea in a matter of seconds, with just one touch. It’s as simple as that.

The OptiFresh is designed to quickly brew the most delicious fresh filter coffee. But appearance does matter as well. Therefore the design is not only inviting but also functional and elegant. A modern coffee machine that brews authentic delicious coffee.

OptiFresh Touch is made to be simple to use and easy to maintain, so that anyone can make their own perfect coffee. And it’s meant to stay that way: the durable interior consists largely of stainless steel and guarantees hassle-free use for years to come. OptiFresh Touch is energy efficient with an A+ energy label.

The machine is available in every RAL colour and it’s possible to set specific logo’s, images or videos as a screensaver. The clean design lines, LED lighting and a high-quality finish make OptiFresh Touch an eye-catching addition to any interior. The OptiFresh of Animo can be placed in any surrounding, like offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, canteens, care homes, and much more!

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About Animo

We make professional coffee machines and equipment for people who want to serve good coffee. User-friendly machines with a variety of options that are durable and convenient to maintain.

Our machines deliver a wide range of fresh, hot beverages time after time. Everything from freshly ground espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato to tea, hot chocolate and instant soup.

We’ve been doing business for over 65 years in more than 75 countries worldwide. Because good coffee takes a good machine. And a good machine takes experience, expertise and dedication.

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