We aim for continuous improvement of our services in order to even better meet the wishes and requirements of our customers. For this reason, this spring we conducted a customer satisfaction survey among over 300 Animo dealers worldwide. We are pleased with the results!

Summary of results

The survey has shown that Animo scores very well on all points. The general average score (on a scale of 1 to 5) is 4.27. Of course we are satisfied with this opinion of our customers!


"Reliable professional organisation and products, with an especially good support both in the technical as commercial field. Pleasant personal contact and with knowledge of and passion for the profession."


Customers recommend Animo specifically for our service, quality, staff and products. Dealers also indicate to be very satisfied with Animo’s service, approachability, support, quality and reliability.


Dealers described Animo as a modern company with dedicated staff and robust reliable products.


Please contact us in case you have questions with regards to this survey.

In 2018 we will conduct a similar survey and our goal is to achieve an even higher score then. That is one of our challenges for the near future.

Our main focus remains the production of high quality, reliable and user-friendly coffee making systems and vending machines. By doing so we enable our customers to serve a perfect cup of coffee. Because a perfect cup of coffee takes a perfect machine. And a perfect machine takes experience, knowledge and dedication.


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