Animo's ComBi-line: the multifunctional problem solver for Intergas

With a market share of 40% and a workforce of  300 employees , Intergas from Coevorden is the largest boiler producer in the Netherlands. The manufacturer has an international sales market and produces around 260,000 boilers annually . In such a production, not only the heat boiler, but also the coffee machine is very important. On an average working day about 800 cups of coffee are consumed.  Intergas recently switched to a brand-new ComBi-line coffee maker from Animo. And this choice did not only improve the quality and taste of the coffee, but also ensured a more efficient process, safer working environment and significant cost reduction.

Complicated and time consuming coffee ritual
On an average working day canteen employee Jannie was very busy: 64 times a day she made coffee using four small coffee machines. In addition, the canteen staff poured the coffee into thermos jugs, which was quite a physical burden. Richard Tent, Head of Production Engineering: “About 117 liters of coffee and about 70 liters of hot water for tea and soup are consumed every day. Jannie and her colleagues were constantly lifting the coffee over their heads and had to be careful not to get hot coffee or hot water over them. The coffee also lost its freshness due to the transfer and a lot of coffee was thrown away. ” Intergas concluded that the current provisions were no longer adequate and decided to call in facility purchasing partner Feyen for advice.

To get a good idea of the coffee culture at Intergas, Patrick Kliphuis, account manager at Feyen Wholesale, decided to take a look in the kitchen with Jannie and her colleagues. Intergas's wishes were clear: they did not want to compromise on the quality of the coffee. Also, as before, the new installation had to be based on a rapid filter system and should be located at one central point. Vending machines with beans or instant coffee were excluded. Patrick quickly concluded that Animo's ComBi line is actually the only correct answer to Intergas's coffee issue: efficient, sustainable and user-friendly.

Feyen has been an Animo dealer for many years. As a result, the dealer not only knows in which situations Animo's devices, machines and installations are best suited, but also - as a full service partner - take care of the maintenance of the machines

Process and taste improvement
The sleek ComBi-line is ideal for brewing large quantities of coffee at a rapid pace, as they do at Intergas. Because Jannie and her colleagues program the device the day before using a handy touch screen, they no longer have to be on site before dawn to have the coffee ready on time. The double-walled warming container keeps the coffee fresh for a long time and thanks to the double dispensing tap - one on the kitchen si de and one on the canteen side - employees can pour their own coffee and the canteen staff no longer have to pour the coffee into thermos jugs. Another advantage of the new feature is the plastic filter pan: light weight and heat resistant, so you can grip it safely. The switch to the ComBi-line also lead to many compliments given to Jannie and her colleagues: the taste of the coffee is much better. Also, no coffee grounds are left behind in the coffee cup, something that happened before.

Satisfied customer 
Canteen employee Jannie: “Animo's ComBi-line has made my work more fun. The workload is not so high anymore and I don't have to worry about disturbing my colleagues during the coffee rounds. Instead they come to my canteen for a cup or a jug of coffee. They have time for a chat and that makes the canteen, more than before, a social meeting place. ”

Intergas is very satisfied with both the purchase process and the end result. Not surprising when you consider that the ComBi-Line provides better coffee, significant cost savings and a more efficient, faster and safer working process. Richard: “The investment in the ComBi line really pays back. In addition to the obvious savings, there are a number of factors that you cannot quantify but that you know play a role. With the purchase of the ComBi-line and the WKT-D kettle, we have created a safer working environment. In this way, we reduce the risk of absenteeism due to neck or shoulder complaints, but also the risk of an industrial accident.

The ComBi-line has another advantage for dealers; Animo devices are delivered assembled, in other words: plug & play. In addition to all the practical advantages, the ComBi line - unlike many of its competitors - is also a beautiful device to look at. For example, the coffee maker was awarded the Red Dot Award in 2018, an international prize for excellent product design. And that is a bonus, because people also want something pleasing to the eye.


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