Fast forward to your favourite flavour

Why wait for your coffee, when it can always be ready when you are? Animo’s new OptiVend Touch pours your favourite hot drink in less than seven seconds – any moment of the day.
Espresso? Cappuccino? Tea? OptiVend Touch is always ready for your next kick.

+ Get a fresh cup of coffee in only 7 seconds
+ OptiVend Touch accommodates 1 to 4 instant ingredient canisters.
+ Easily adjust the strength of the coffee
+ OptiVend has a separate tap for hot water, so tea always tastes like it should
+ User-friendly in every sense
+ Models for cups and thermos jugs
+ Energy efficient
+ Design for every environment

Designed for every environment

It’s different flavours that add colour to life. That’s why the Animo OptiVend Touch is available in different models, that accommodate from 1 to 4 instant ingredient canisters. That means you can choose exactly what you want, whenever you want it.




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