For situations where capacity and speed are important, Animo developed the OptiVend HIGH SPEED DUO. Specially for the preparation of large quantity coffee with high speed in two cups / thermos jugs at the same time. Optivend High Speed is powerful inside and beautiful outside.

In short:

  • Single or double simultaneous output for cups and thermos jugs.
  • Hourly capacity up to 150 liters (approx. 1.250 cups)
  • Very quickly 2 Thermos jugs coffee of 2 ltr. brewed in 77 seconds, 2 x 2 Thermos jugs: 160 seconds.
  • Slide cup tray
  • 12 easily progammed drink buttons.
  • Wide range of coffee specialties possible.

The new OptiVend series is a combination of technical innovation and advanced design. The result is a range of premium-quality coffee machines with their own unique look.

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