The European Coffee Brewing Center (ECBC) has certified the entire Animo OptiFresh line with the ECBC quality standard. This recognises and underlines once again that all OptiFresh machines comply with the highest standards.

A good machine is what makes good coffee. At Animo, this has been proven throughout the years.  This vision is also shared by the ECBC in Oslo. This is why they have a special test procedure and certification to provide fresh-brew dispensers for the professional market with a quality standard. Precise control of time and temperature ensure that the right amount of flavour and aroma is extracted from the coffee beans. Not too much and certainly not too little. With a certified machine, these conditions are met.

The ECBC certificate applies to the OptiFresh, OptiFresh Touch, OptiFresh Bean and OptiFresh Bean Touch.

The OptiFresh is an easy to use and stylishly designed automatic filter coffee machine. The brewing system uses a permanent filter instead of a paper filter. This eliminates the need for a filter roll that has to be constantly replenished, minimising the chance of malfunctions and the waste bin doesn't fill up so quickly. The permanent filter is also easy to remove and clean. A modern solution for freshly brewed filter coffee!

As well as 'normal coffee', this 'Fresh Brew' dispenser offers a wide range of coffee varieties. With the OptiFresh, you can just as easily brew a jug of coffee or hot water. The OptiFresh has a strength control to meet personal taste requirements. The OptiFresh is available in four versions, the difference being in the number of canisters. The more canisters, the more choice of coffee varieties. This means that there is the right dispenser for every need. In addition, the dispenser is easy to operate and maintain.

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About Animo
We make premium-quality coffee making systems and dispensers for people who want a great cup of coffee. User-friendly machines with a wide range of options, easy maintenance and a long lifespan. Machines that continue to make great coffee, time and time again. Real espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato, but also tea, hot chocolate or soup. We have been doing this for almost 70 years, both domestically and internationally.

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