DNK proves that it's possible!


“If necessary, I’m able to provide 1000 visitors with truly tasty coffee within 10 minutes.”

Bhodi Lesage is team leader of catering, rentals and events at De Nieuwe Kolk (DNK) in Assen (NL), a hypermodern cultural centre. Lesage and his team deal with situations where many people want to drink coffee or tea the same time. During those peak moments DNK entirely relies on the ComBi-line bulk brew coffee machines from Animo.

Read the case study (PDF)

Read the case study (online)


About Animo

We make professional coffee machines and equipment for people who want to serve good coffee. User-friendly machines with a variety of options that are durable and convenient to maintain.

Our machines deliver a wide range of fresh, hot beverages time after time. Everything from freshly ground espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato to tea, hot chocolate and instant soup.

We’ve been doing business for over 65 years in more than 75 countries worldwide. Because good coffee takes a good machine. And a good machine takes experience, expertise and dedication.

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