Tasty coffee during peak moments DNK proves that it's possible!

“If necessary, I’m able to provide 1000 visitors with truly tasty coffee within 10 minutes.”

Bhodi Lesage is team leader of catering, rentals and events at De Nieuwe Kolk (DNK) in Assen (NL), a hypermodern cultural centre. Lesage and his team deal with situations where many people want to drink coffee or tea the same time. During those peak moments DNK entirely relies on the ComBi-line machines from Animo.

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Special coffee chamber or coffee-corner at the bar


The library, cinema and theatre of the city are located in De Nieuwe Kolk in Assen. A lot of coffee is being consumed in the theatre café of DNK. Bhodi says, “Peak moments in which 500 people visit the theatre café at the same time to drink coffee or tea – sometimes twice per performance – are completely normal here.” In addition to the ‘standard’ theatre performances, DNK regularly facilitates business conferences or company parties. “And we organize everything ourselves, including the annual Book Fest, or events organised by the library, theatre and cinema together. A lot of coffee and tea is served here.”, says Bhodi laughing.

So much, that even the architect of the building has taken the high coffee and tea consumption into account. A special coffee chamber has been created in the cultural centre; a space where nine coffee and five tea containers of the ComBi-line have been installed, which can be filled in no time. Bhodi explains: “Hanging on the wall, are the so called ‘flow water heaters’. These are a kind of ‘taps on the wall’ that we use to make the coffee. We connect the containers to the flow heaters, place a large filter on top of the container and add the required amount of coffee. In this way, we can brew 70 cups of coffee at the touch of a button. Water for tea is also boiled in no time. When the coffee and tea is ready, we move the containers to the bar using serving trolleys. Here we have a special corner to exactly fit the containers. Finally, we draw off the coffee from the containers, using the taps.”

Bhodi Lesage
"Peak moments in which 500 people come to drink coffee and tea at the same time - and sometimes twice per show - are very normal here."

Timer Function

The ComBi-line machines from Animo have been especially designed for brewing large amounts of coffee. The designers of the machine also thought of other useful functionalities. One of those is the timer function. “Here at DNK, we make grateful use of this.” A theatre performance is in fact a lot of work; both before the performance and during the break a lot of coffee has to be ready. When the show begins and the guests go into the hall, dirty cups have to be collected and clean cups have to be prepared for the coffee break. “Fortunately, we do not have to worry about brewing the coffee. If we know that the coffee has to be ready at 4 o’clock, we set the timer at half past three”, Bhodi explains. “At four o’clock, a fresh cup of coffee will be ready for our guests.” Of course, the artists also have to be taken care of: “We have an Animo bean-to-cup coffee machine in the artists’ foyer, where the artists can make their own cup of coffee “At four o’clock, a fresh cup of coffee themselves.”

Filter coffee is hip

When asked if you can still serve people filter coffee, the catering team leader responds decisively: “Filter coffee is making a comeback. Moreover; there are people who do not want to drink freshly ground coffee, because of the crema layer on top of the coffee. That layer contains (natural) fat. For that reason, some people prefer ‘ordinary’ filter coffee. Others just prefer the taste of filter coffee. When it is busy, we serve standard filter coffee and I really do so with an easy mind. We have never had complaints from guests who did not like the coffee. Even at less busy times, we sell filter coffee, also because it is cheaper compared to bean-to-cup coffee.”

Bhodi Lesage
"Filter coffee is making a comeback"

Excellent price-quality ratio

Lesage values the price to quality ratio of the Animo machines.“ The ComBi-line machines may not be the cheapest machines available, but it is truly professional stuff. They brew delicious coffee and in the long run they are very economical; these machines last a long time. We have been using the ComBi-line for five-anda- half-years now and never had any problems. The machines indicate when maintenance is required – often it is about descaling – which you can do yourself. If you keep the machines clean, you won’t need a technician to carry out maintenance. That is different with bean-to-cup coffee machines.” In addition, Bhodi points out that there is a good margin on filter coffee. “Because filter coffee is relatively cheap in terms of purchasing.”

Satisfied with the ComBi-line

Obviously, DNK is satisfied with the ComBi-line series. So satisfied that another Animo machine will be installed at their office. “My colleagues always came to the theatre café to get their coffee. Very sociable. But I got a little too busy with serving my colleagues. Soon they will be able to get really delicious coffee at their own office.”


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