A delicious, cooling glass of water provides a pleasant refreshment for people. With the water cooler OptiCool, the world's most famous thirst quencher is always within reach. The water cooler is suitable for glasses and / or bottles and easy to connect to the water supply.

Benefits of water cooler in the workplace

The warm summer days are coming again and of course you want your employees to drink enough water. A nice fresh glass of water stimulates the brain, increases productivity, reduces fatigue and keeps the body hydrated. Drinking enough water is part of a healthy lifestyle. Many people who have a water cooler in the office find that they drink more water simply because it is readily available. Do you want to drink the recommended amount of water per day without noticing? That is so much easier with the OptiCool.

Environmentally friendly

Plastic use is still a major problem. Billions of plastic water bottles are used every year. Of this large number, a large part disappears every day in the trash or worse, it ends up in the environment. By drinking water from a water cooler that is connected to a water pipe, together we can significantly reduce this large number. In addition, you can also enjoy purified and cooled water without damaging the environment.

Chilled water through the coffee machine

In addition to a delicious cup of coffee from your Animo machine, it is also possible to tap refreshing and cooled water from the coffee machine. The water cooler in our coffee machines is equipped with a unique Direct-Chill cooling system. This cools the water via an aluminum block, so that external influences are closed off. An optional water filter ensures crystal clear and pure water. Do you want to complete the picture? Which can! We offer the option of ordering the water cooler including a matching base cabinet or as a standalone unit. Relaxed!

Water cooler talk

Coffee machine talk? We have water cooler talk from now on! From now on, employees will again be in the office more often and occasionally walk back and forth for a refreshing glass of water. When it's time to stretch your legs, you can chat about sports scores, the latest news, that new series on Netflix (and the weather of course) at the water cooler. Small talk stimulates the brain to focus. After the talk, the employee goes back to work sharper, fresher and cooler. A win-win situation.

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