The six most important Coffee Trends

Every year there are new trends in coffee. Because coffee has become an integral part of our daily lives. This year, too, there are trends worth reading. October 1 was International Coffee Day, a good time to discuss the coffee trends of 2021.

Different recipes

Recent years have shown that coffee drinkers like to personalize their coffee. Think of other types of milk such as oat milk, this is very popular. There are more and more plant-based milk products for sale. Did you know that this is also possible at the office? The OptiMe coffee machine has an optional milk cooler with fresh milk! At Animo, the recipe choices are also easy to program in the coffee machines.

Fairtrade coffee

Nowadays, a lot of people choose for sustainable coffee for which farmers are paid fairly and have a good working and living environment. But the packaging is also considered to be 100% recyclable. Animo has the OptiBean coffee machine: A strong espresso, the perfect cappuccino or simply a delicious brew. It’s all about flavour and that’s what Animo’s OptiBean delivers. He grinds the beans and brews authentic espresso and many variants. The OptiBean is suitable for all types of beans, including organic beans.

Types of coffee

By working from home a lot, coffee drinkers have started to explore the options available for different types of coffee: filter, fresh brew, beans and instant. Animo has several coffee machines with these types of coffee. The iced coffees are also becoming more attractive, you can make them with different flavors, such as caramel, chocolate or hazelnut. But most importantly, a good cup of coffee to start the day! Check out our blog Without coffee, no life! it tells which factors are important for a good cup of coffee.

Sustainability and Animo

Sustainability is more important than ever in 2021! Now plastic is being replaced by carton, more and more coffee companies are turning to this. At Animo we use wooden stirrers and 100% recyclable paper cups! Animo thinks sustainability and the environment are very important, this is taken into account in the production process of the coffee machines. Animo and WesterZwam also came into contact some time ago. WesterZwam grows its oyster mushrooms on Animo's coffee grounds. Want to read more about sustainability? Check out our blog Recycle to the max .

Creative with coffee

The appearance of the coffee is becoming more important. We get a completely different experience if the coffee is in a nice mug or jam jar. Then put this on a wooden board with a cookie and your coffee will sell better! The coffee from the Animo coffee machines is also very nice to serve in a glass, this gives a completely different look.

Origin of the coffee

Coffee drinkers are more interested in the origin of the coffee they drink. For example, from which country comes the most coffee? Did you know that coffee beans are grown in more than 70 countries? But also how the plant grows, how are the beans selected and how is this coffee produced? It is important to respond to this as a coffee supplier. 

Do you have any questions or would you like more information? We like to help you!

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