You must have noticed that a lot is happening in the world of coffee. Many changes have taken place, especially at work. There are better and better coffee facilities in the office, we almost always have free coffee and the quality has improved enormously in recent years. But that's not all, there will be even more happening in the coffee world in the coming years. What this will be, we tell you in this blog!

Coffee consumption

Research by the International Coffee Organization (ICO) has shown that Finland is the country where the most coffee is drunk, namely 12 kg per person per year! In Finland there is no special moment for coffee, you drink coffee anywhere and anytime. The coffee beans that are mainly used in Finland are lightly roasted, which means that they have a less strong taste, which ensures that a lot of coffee is drunk.

Now you may be thinking, how much coffee is consumed worldwide? Well that's about 1.6 billion cups of coffee a day. In the Scandinavian countries, coffee consumption per person is the highest of all other countries.


Your delicious cup of coffee made by a robot, that's the future. A number of branches of the new concept, Café X, have opened in San Francisco. In this coffee shop you order your coffee via an app and the robots make your delicious cappuccino, latte macchiato or espresso. An advantage of the robots is that they prepare your coffee within 1 minute, but of course there is also a disadvantage. Not everyone can handle ordering via an app, so a solution has to be found for this.

No more walking to the coffee machine? There is also a solution for that, the coffee drone! This drone brings your coffee or other drinks to your desk. The drone also has the function of signaling whether someone needs coffee. There are only a few of these coffee drones left all over the world, who knows, maybe your cup of coffee will be delivered with a coffee drone in time


Do you also think the environment is so important? Today, we as consumers want to eat and drink more and more honest products, so that we contribute to a better environment. An important development within sustainability is: circularity, also taking into account food waste and the reuse of materials. The biggest goal is for all companies to ultimately be zero waste and 100% sustainable.

At more and more coffee shops you see cardboard cups that you can hand in again, these are processed into new paper products. Recycling is very important for many companies, and it can be seen that reusable cups are increasingly for sale and that consumers actually use them.

Together we contribute to a better environment!

Coffee preparation

Where we used to often use coffee pods, we now roast our own beans ourselves. Everyone is experimenting how to make the best coffee. Because let's face it, what's better than a cup of coffee with your own roasted fresh coffee beans?

Your own selfie on your cappuccino? Nowadays it is possible with the 'latte art' printer. Coffee extract is used instead of ink, you can determine the print on the foam yourself. In America this is a development that has been going on for a while, but this development is slowly moving to Europe, there are more and more coffee shops that use the 'latte art' printer. So who knows, you might soon have your own selfie on your coffee!

We are very curious how these developments will develop in the coming years. 

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