Did you know that we produce a lot of kilos of coffee grounds per year? When you make a cup of coffee every day, you produce a lot of coffee grounds, a shame to throw away! There are many different ways to reuse this coffee grounds, this is good for you and for the environment. Curious about what you can do with coffee grounds? Read our 7 tips for reusing your coffee grounds!

Coffee grounds as compost

Did you know that coffee grounds are full of nutrients? Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen, magnesium and copper. All the ingredients for fertile compost, which your plants will be very happy with! You can also use the coffee grounds in your vegetable garden: your carrots, lettuce and leek grow like, the proverbial, cabbage when you spoil your vegetable garden with coffee grounds every now and then. Do you want to get the best results from your vegetable garden using coffee grounds? Then we recommend that you first compost the coffee grounds on a compost heap.

Coffee grounds against strong scents

Everyone knows it, the stench of onion on your hands after cutting. Your hands can smell like it for a long time after cutting. There is a solution for that! Get out your coffee machine, grab some coffee grounds and rub those hands! The rubbing releases oils from the coffee grounds, rinse your hands and the smell is gone!

Do you ever have products in the fridge that smell strongly? Coffee grounds can also be a solution for that. What can you do? Very simple, place a container with coffee grounds in your fridge and the smell will disappear.

Coffee grounds for dirty pans

Ever let something burn or a lot of cooked and dirty pans? Didn't you get this clean after that? Try the following: take a sponge and apply a little coffee grounds to it, rub the pan gently, especially on the burnt parts, leave the pan in soapy water and rinse the pan well with warm water. Your pan is as good as new again!

Coffee grounds against unwanted visitors

Do you often suffer from cats in the garden or snails eating your vegetable garden? There is an animal-friendly solution to keep these unwanted visitors out of your garden: coffee grounds. Sprinkle some coffee grounds on your plants or in your vegetable garden between the vegetables, so you ask these visitors to stay away. Your plants, cucumbers and cauliflowers will also grow better with this extra nutrition. A win-win situation!

Coffee grounds as a scrub

Tired of those expensive scrubs that don't always do their job? Then we have a cheaper and more sustainable alternative! Get started with coffee grounds. Mix the coffee grounds, sugar and oil in a bowl, rub your body with it and you get wonderfully clean skin. The friction of the coffee grounds releases oil that is very healthy for your skin. This sustainable method is not tested on animals!

Coffee grounds at home

Do you suffer from scratches on your beautiful dark wooden furniture and you don't know how to get it out? Then try the following recipe: 1 tablespoon coffee grounds, 1 tablespoon vinegar and 1 tablespoon warm water. Mix this and apply it to the scratch with a cotton pad, let it soak in and then scrub over the scratch with a lint-free cloth. Your cabinet, table or chair will be just as beautiful afterwards as when you bought it!

Coffee grounds socks

Socks made from coffee grounds? Yes it exists! The first socks made from coffee grounds are a fact. The coffee grounds are collected together, this is dried until all the moisture is gone. Then the dried coffee grounds are mixed with recycled polyester and these become the coffee yarn. The coffee yarn is brought together with recycled polyester and recycled spandex to create, for example: coffee socks!

Did you know that Animo also has coffee makers with fresh filter coffee? For example the Excelso series. Professional stainless steel coffee makers for easy and quick brewing of delicious fresh filter coffee in a glass jug or thermos.

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