Instant coffee from the coffee machine!

You are looking for a coffee machine that can serve many employees, makes a nice hot cup of coffee super fast and is easy to maintain. Then a coffee machine with instant coffee is perfect for you and your company!

But what exactly is instant coffee? Animo explains that to you!

What is instant coffee?

Instant coffee is a type of coffee made from small freeze-dried coffee grains. The process that makes the coffee grains suitable for instant coffee takes place in a very short time.

First of all, fresh coffee beans are ground until it produces very fine coffee grains. Coffee is then made from these fine coffee grains and it is immediately frozen at a temperature of -40°C in order to make the water disappear. This process is called freeze drying. We call the remainder an instant coffee grain. Because the process takes place as quickly as possible, the coffee aromas are preserved and taste loss is prevented.

Instant coffee today has several names. The most common names for this type of coffee are instant coffee, freeze-dried coffee and instant coffee. You have probably heard of these names, in the end they all mean the same thing!

What is an instant coffee machine?

To get a good cup of coffee from the coffee machine, it is best to use a special instant coffee machine, such as the new OptiVend Touch from Animo. This machine has been designed to get the very best out of instant coffee while exploiting the full potential of instant coffee.

An instant coffee machine is built to serve many people in a short time. Depending on the type of machine you choose, an instant coffee machine such as the OptiVend Touch makes a cup of coffee between 5 and 11 seconds. In addition, because instant coffee produces no waste, the coffee machine is easy and quick to maintain and clean.

How is a cup of instant coffee made?

A cup of instant coffee is made by mixing a certain amount of coffee with hot water, the instant coffee then dissolves and coffee flows out of the spout. The amount of coffee can be determined by means of a strength control, so that your own preference flows from the spout of the coffee machine.

The OptiVend Touch has the ability to add multiple ingredients through the option to install multiple canisters. This means that, for example, milk powder or cocoa powder can be added to the coffee machine.

What are the pros and cons of instant coffee?

Coffee machines with instant coffee are very popular in the Netherlands and are often the solution for moments where large quantities of coffee are desired in a short time. There are many pros and cons of instant coffee.

A big advantage of instant coffee is the speed with which an instant coffee machine can make a cup of coffee. In addition, maintaining and cleaning these coffee machines is very easy, as no residual waste is released when making coffee.

Today there are countless suppliers of instant coffee and you can choose the instant coffee that best suits you and your company. In addition, a good coffee machine is a must if you want to get the best out of instant coffee. The combination between a good coffee machine and the instant coffee that suits you best makes the negative image of instant coffee disappear!

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