Our first blog of the new year! To get this year off to a good start, we are sharing the latest coffee trends for 2022! Because yes, there are a number of new trends that are worth reading. Compared to 2021, a lot has changed in the coffee world. Read them quickly, you may soon be ahead of one of these trends!


A lovely hot cup of coffee on your way to work, on the train or during your walk in the park. The coffee-to-go was already very popular last year and according to our coffee experts, coffee-to-go will become even more popular in 2022! There are more and more places where you can pick up a latte or cappuccino and enjoy your coffee. Not only in the city, but also in more and more places outside the city there are coffee-to-go places! Because we as Dutch people are always very busy, there is not always time to sit quietly, the coffee-to-go is the perfect solution for that!

The expectation for this year is that coffee drinkers will opt for the special coffee-to-go cups. By purchasing such a nice cup you also take the environment into account. You have your own cup refilled, which means less waste. Put the cup in the dishwasher at home and take it back to your favorite barista or coffee shop the next day. This shows that sustainability is becoming increasingly important!

(H)Honest coffee

Together for a better world! Because let's be honest, coffee that has an honest origin tastes much better, doesn't it? More and more coffee suppliers are dealing with 100% certified coffee. This means that the coffee has one of three quality marks: Fairtrade, Organic or Rainforest Allicane. With these quality marks, the farmer, fair prices and the environment are taken into account. The aim here is that the coffee drinker consciously enjoys the coffee, but also considers contributing to a better world. This trend will become more frequent in 2022!

Different types of coffee can be used in our coffee machines, including 100% certified coffee! Do you want freshly ground coffee with fresh milk? Then the OptiMe is the best choice. The OptiBean Touch is excellent for a cup of delicious bean coffee. Prefer fresh filter coffee? The OptiFresh Touch offers this possibility. For a quick cup of instant coffee you can opt for the OptiVend Touch!

New coffee variants

A good start to your day with a healthy coffee? Yes, that's possible! A new trend that has come over from the US is coffee with a small knob of butter in it. The idea behind this is that you drink the coffee in the morning and get a lot of healthy fats through the butter. This way you start the day extra well! Whether this trend will also become popular in the Netherlands remains to be seen. But it is certainly new and innovative so it is worth a try. Curious how to make this coffee? You make a cup of black coffee and melt a cube of butter in it, wait a while and enjoy your healthy cup of coffee!

Want to make a real Dutch coffee? Then choose the Dutch Coffee! This is a coffee in which ice water is used instead of hot water for brewing the coffee. Brewing the coffee takes a little longer, namely 4 to 6 hours. The advantage of this is that you get a delicious coffee where you can taste the full taste of the coffee bean!

Demand for coffee is rising

Did you know that as Dutch people, we drink an average of 1.84 cups of coffee a day? That equates to an average of 6.7 kilograms of ground coffee per person per day. This indicates that we Dutch are real coffee drinkers! It has to do with the fact that the Netherlands sells many different types of coffee, the climate also influences this, we often drink coffee to warm ourselves up, but the main reason is of course the caffeine that keeps us active.

In recent years, coffee has become increasingly popular among young people. By studying at home a lot and studying together in public places, young people choose to take a coffee break more often. They make their own cup of coffee or go for a coffee-to-go with different coffee options. It is predicted that the demand for coffee will increase even more this year!

Good coffee at work

A good cup of coffee at work is indispensable! In recent years we have started working as real home baristas to try out different coffees. We often want a nice cup of coffee with many options, such as a latte macchiato with oat milk, a cappuccino with fresh milk or a double espresso. That is why it is important in 2022 to have a good coffee machine at work. Buy, rent or lease a coffee machine with different options and a lot of taste!

We have different coffee machines for every location. For example, the OptiBean Touch, Powerful espresso, perfect cappuccino or simply very tasty coffee. It's about taste, the pure taste of freshly ground coffee. You create it with the OptiBean from Animo.

We are excited and curious whether these coffee trends will make it in 2022! Did you know that Animo also has other coffee machines for your office, in the school canteen or in your restaurant? Check them out here!

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