1. What does unroasted coffee look like?

Animo Koffie Quiz - antwoord vraag 1

2. How does coffee actually grow?

2a. On the branches of a tree, of course!
2b. Under the ground, on the roots of a coffee plant
2c. Above the ground, on a woody plant 
2d. Just above the ground, like peanuts

3. Coffee beans aren't actually beans, they're...

3a. Fruits, but you can't tell when they're roasted
3b. Husks. But that doesn't sound quite so tasty
3c. Nuts. Due to a misunderstanding in the 16th century, we called them beans
3d. Seeds. But then seeds that look a lot like beans

4. The coffee sold most is a blend of...

4a. Light and dark roasted
4b. Caffeine and essential oils
4c. African and South American beans
4d. Arabica and robusta beans

5. How do you make an Americano?

5a. With espresso and hot water
5b. Heat up yesterday's filter coffee
5c. With filter coffee and hot water
5d. It's a mixture of espresso and filter coffee

6. How did cappuccino get it's name?

6a. A cappuccino looks a bit like a Kapucijner pea
6b. Cappuccino is Italian for a kind of chocolate milk coloured paint
6c. It originally comes from the Austrian 'Kapuziner Kaffee'
6d. Cappuccino simply means coffee (cap) with milk (uccino) in Southern Italy

7. What's in a Café Affogato?

7a. 1 slice of lemon
7b. 3 ice cubes
7c. 2 large spoonfuls of cream
7d. 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream

8. What's the best place to store roasted coffee?

8a. In a jar on the kitchen counter
8b. In the fridge. Dark and cool
8c. In a jute bag with the onions and potatoes
8d. As long as it's dry, dark and airtight

9. Where is 40% of coffee produced?

9a. In Brazil, together with Columbia
9b. In Africa
9c. In Turkey
9d. In Italy

10. In which three countries do people drink the most coffee?

10a. The Netherlands, Finland and Norway
10b. Italy, France and the Netherlands
10c. The Netherlands, Finland and Italy
10d. Italy, the UK and Sweden

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