Pure coffee, freshly ground and at the perfect temperature.

Strong espresso, perfect cappuccino, or just delicious coffee. It’s all about taste, the pure taste of freshly ground coffee. The espresso method is for gourmets, for purists, for people who love proper fresh coffee.

Espresso Method

To prepare espresso coffee, an espresso machine has to be used. This machine is passing hot water through the ground coffee at a pressure of around 9 bar. The coffee is particularly finely ground. The result is a spicy coffee with a closed cream layer.

The Animo OptiBean uses this principle. The fresh coffee beans are ground with a ceramic grinder and the espresso coffee is brewed under high pressure.

This way provides you with high quality espresso coffee with the single push of a button!

Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines

Using a bean-to-cup coffee machine, a single push on a button grinds the right amount of coffee and prepares espresso coffee under high pressure. By keeping the coffee beans fresh for as long as possible and grinding them as late as possible, you will receive a very good quality coffee. Bean-to-cup coffee machines are widely used in offices and businesses, coffee to go spots, events and the hotel- and catering industry, in order to easily serve employees, customers and visitors fresh espresso coffee and many varieties. 

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