Coffee machines for general practice to hospital

At Animo we believe everyone in the healthcare sector should be able to enjoy a good cup of coffee. Precisely because you are always there for others. During the day and when you're on night duty; coffee gives you new energy.

Though carers, nurses and doctors grab a quick espresso in between jobs, clients and visitors require substantial capacity. So that everyone in the hospital or care home can be given coffee or tea at the same time. Full of taste and at the perfect temperature.

However big or small your healthcare facility is, Animo always has a suitable solution for coffee and tea.

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Are you unsure about which coffee machine to order? Or are you looking for a coffee machine, but you're not sure whether to choose instant coffee, filter coffee or fresh beans?

Or would you simply like to know how we arrange the maintenance on our machines or where the nearest certified Animo dealer is located in your area?

Our team is available to answer all your questions.

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