Excellent coffee machines for high quality service

In the catering industry hospitality comes first and foremost. And at Animo we know that good coffee is part of this.

A large amount of coffee and tea at once during the breakfast buffet in your hotel, a cappuccino after dinner in your restaurant or a quick espresso in you bar - the coffee for your guests should always have the right taste and the perfect temperature.

That's why we produce coffee makers and coffee machines that ensure that you can serve your guests the best coffee.

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“If necessary, I’m able to provide 1.000 visitors with truly tasty coffee within 10 minutes.”

Read the Case Study about DNK (theathre, congress, library and cinema location).

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Are you unsure about which coffee machine to order? Or are you looking for a coffee machine, but you're not sure whether to choose instant coffee, filter coffee or fresh beans?

Or would you simply like to know how we arrange the maintenance on our machines or where the nearest certified Animo dealer is located in your area?

Our team is available to answer all your questions.

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