OptiBean Cleaning

To guarantee the taste of the coffee and to avoid malfunctions with associated costs,
it is important to clean the machine regularly.

Cleaning the OptiBean is extremely simple: the display shows the message cleaning after 7 days. This message disappears as soon as the cleaning program has been completed

Animo cleaning products

Animo has selected a special range of recommended cleaning agents. We advise to use these cleaning agents. Animo cleaning agents are tested by us and guarantee the best cleaning result. Perfect coffee starts with a perfect machine. A perfect machine is a clean machine.

Cleaning interval * OptiBean

  • Daily: instruction
  • Weekly: cleaning tablets / instruction
  • Monthly: instruction
  • Semi-annually: coffee grinder cleaner (to be carried out by a technician)
  • Annually: descaling agent (to be carried out by the technician)

* based on normal conditions of use

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