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Cup Dispenser

Stainless steel cup dispenser for wall mounting

Equipped with self-adjusting gasket to dispensing cups in various sizes.The use of a cup dispenser is very hygienic, the user only has contact with his own cup. In addition, the cup dispenser saves space and is suitable for mounting on the wall. A perfect solution in combination with an Animo coffee machine or water dispenser.

  • Very hygienic, prevent contamination
  • Materail: stainless steel
  • Cup dispenser for wall mounting (2 clamps)
  • Two models suitable for dispensing cups in various sizes 1009772 - Cup dispenser 1009773 - Cup dispenser
Cup size (adjustable) from 58 -80 mm. from 70 - 98 mm.
Size 100 (Ø) x 615 mm. 112 (Ø) x 615 mm.
Suitable for cups with a capacity of approx. 180 - 400 ml. approx. 350-950 ml.

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