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OptiBean 3 XL

Serve bigger, fuller cups with the OptiBean 3 XL

In the situations where cups of coffee bigger than 150 ml. are (also) consumed we advise to use the OptiBean 3 XL. The OptiBean 3 XL is equipped with an extra large espresso system for serving bigger, fuller cups of coffee.

Besides the extra large espresso system the OptiBean 3 XL is similar to the OptiBean 3 and equipped with 1 canister for fresh coffee beans and 2 canisters for instant ingredients (chocolate or topping) for serving delicious espresso-based coffee varieties.

  • The pure taste of freshly ground coffee;
  • and many varieties of espresso-based drinks
  • User-friendly in every way
  • Energy efficient and designed for long life
  • Separate tap for hot water
  • A perfect coffee machine for offices, hotels, hospitals, care homes, schools, and more!

OptiBean options

  • Cup detection, so coffee can only be made when a cup is present
  • Compatible with various payment systems (MDB)
  • Hot and cold from one machine (cooling unit in lower cabinet)
  • Black, white or colored front (standard models comes in stainless steel)

Technical specifications

Brewing time cup (120 ml)25 - 30 sec.
Brewing time cup (150 ml - 230 ml)30 - 40 sec.
Hourly capacity120 cups (120 ml) / 14 ltr.
Rated power220-240V / 50-60Hz / 2275W
Adjustable cup tray60 - 115 mm
Max. tap height167 mm
Rotary pump (Procon ®)10 bar
Capacity boiler1.1 ltr.
Boiler typeInsulated stainless steel boiler with 1800W element and boil-dry protection
Water connection¾”
Waste canister volume7 ltr. (± 130 cups)
DimensionsW 409 x D 565 x H 792 mm
Volume bean canister1500 g (200 cups)
Volume instant canister 2 x 1.6 ltr.Topping: ± 970 g (63 cups) | Chocolate: ± 1030 g (60 cups)
Capacity of espresso system9.5 - 13.4 g / 150 - 230 ml.
Drink buttons12


OptiBean 3 XL
Coffee (cups)
Coffee (thermos jugs)
Coffee milk
Latte Macchiato
Coffee choc
Chocolate milk
Wiener melange
Hot water
Espresso choc
Coffee with sugar
Double espresso
Hot chocolate
Cold water

 = Standard factory settings

 = Adjustable (depending on chosen ingredients)

 = Optional software required

​ = Possible with a cooling unit in the base cabinet


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