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OptiBean Touch

The new OptiBean Touch!

A perfect coffee starts with the perfect machine. That's why Animo is proud to introduce the new and improved OptiBean Touch. The intelligent espresso machine with ready-to-go touchscreen, intuitive user interface and distinctive design. Simple to use and easy to maintain.

For any espresso-based drink you wish to serve. A fresh cup of pure taste topped with a delicious cream layer, any time you want.

Your perfect espresso is just one touch away.

News: Primo (OptiBean) Touch Best New Product 2017!

News: OptiBean Touch wins iF Design Award 2018!

  • Easy to operate through the intuitive user interface
  • 24 easily programmable beverages
  • Personal strength preferences are easily adjustable
  • Screensaver for logo, images, video or advertisement
  • Adjustable bright LED lighting
  • Best New Product 2017 (Vending Industry Awards)!
  • iF Design Award Winner 2018!

One Touch Brewing

OptiBean Touch is made to be simple to use and easy to maintain, so that anyone can make their own perfect coffee. And it’s meant to stay that way: the durable interior consists largely of stainless steel and guarantees hassle-free use for years to come. OptiBean Touch is energy efficient and has A+ energy label.

Tasteful Design

Good taste isn’t just about coffee. Clean design lines and friendly LED lighting make OptiBean Touch an eye-catching addition to any interior.

The machine is available in every RAL colour and it’s possible to set specific logo’s, images, advertisements or videos as a screensaver.

OptiBean Touch is designed for connoisseurs, for purists, for anyone who loves real, fresh coffee. Whether it’s at the office, in the restaurant or somewhere else, the perfect espresso is just a touch away.

Larger, fuller cups of coffee With the OptiBean XL

Do you also drink larger cups of coffee at your location? The OptiBean XL is equipped with an extra large espresso system for larger, fuller cups of coffee. For cups larger than 150 ml, we recommend the use of the OptiBean XL.


  OptiBean 2 Touch OptiBean 3 Touch OptiBean 4 Touch
Number bean hoppers 1 (1500 gr / 200 cups)  1 (1500 gr / 200 cups) 1 (1500 gr / 200 cups)
Number ingredient canisters* 1 (3,8 ltr. Topping) 2  (1,6 ltr. Topping + 1,6 ltr. Chocolate) 3 (1,0 ltr + 2 x 1,6 ltr.)
Number mixers 1 1 2
Volume of espresso brewing system** 6,5 - 9,5 gr 6,5 - 9,5 gr 6,5 - 9,5 gr
Brewing time coffee (120 ml) 25 - 30 sec 25 - 30 sec 25 - 30 sec
Capacity per hour Approx. 120 cups per 120ml /14 ltr.  Approx. 120 cups per 120ml /14 ltr. Approx. 120 cups per 120ml /14 ltr.
Electrical connection  220-240V / 50-60 Hz / 2275W 220-240V / 50-60 Hz / 2275W 220-240V / 50-60 Hz / 2275W
Display 7" Touchscreen 7" Touchscreen 7" Touchscreen
Adjustable cup tray 60 - 115 mm 60 - 115 mm 60 - 115 mm
Fixed water connection ¾” ¾” ¾”
Water drainage required No No No
Volume waste compartment Approx. 130 cups coffee Approx. 130 cups coffee Approx. 130 cups coffee
Max. tap height 167 mm 167 mm 167 mm
Dimensions (W x D x H) 409 x 565 x 792 mm 409 x 565 x 792 mm 455 x 565 x 792 mm
Rotary pump (Procon ®) 10 bar 10 bar 10 bar
Boiler Capacity 1,1 ltr. 1,1 ltr. 1,1 ltr.
Energy saving rating A+ A+ A+

 *Volume ingredient canister:

  • 3,8 ltr. Topping = approx. 2300 gr / 200 cups
  • 1,6 ltr. Topping = approx. 970 gr / 138 cups
  • 1,6 ltr. Chocolate = approx. 1000 gr / 60 cups
  • 1,0 ltr. Sugar = approx. 750 gr / 250 cups


**Volume of espresso brewing system​ (XL) = 9,5 - 13,4 gr


Coffee (cups)
Coffee (jugs)
Coffee with milk
Latte Macchiato
Coffee with chocolate
Hot Chocolate
Wiener melange -
Hot water
Espresso chocolate
Coffee with sugar
Coffee with milk and sugar - -
Double Espresso
Hot milk
Chocolate with milk
Cold water

 = Standard configuration from factory

 = Adjustable selections (depends on chosen ingredients)

​ = Possible with cooling unit in base table



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