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OptiFresh NG

Delicious fresh filter coffee.

The intelligent OptiFresh (Bean) NG fresh brew coffee machine with ready-to-go push button panel. For those who like to push a button, a perfect fresh cup of filter coffee is just one press away.

The OptiFresh NG coffee machine is also available with a coffee grinder and bean hopper: the OptiFresh Bean NG. It grinds the beans and quickly brews delicious filter coffee.

  • Ready-to-go push button panel
  • Drink options are flexible to program
  • Separate outlet for hot water
  • Easy to use and to maintain
  • Energy efficient (A+ rating)
  • Attractive design

Product data



OptiFresh (Bean) 1 NG OptiFresh (Bean) 2 NG OptiFresh (Bean) 3 NG OptiFresh (Bean) 4 NG
Coffee (cups)
Coffee (thermos jugs)  
Coffee milk  
Coffee sugar    
Coffee milk and sugar    
Coffee choc  
Wiener Melange    
Latte Macchiato  
Double Espresso
Hot water
Cappuccino sugar    
Espresso sugar    
Espresso Choc  
Chocolate milk    
Hot milk  
Cold water  

 = Standard factory settings

 = Adjustable (depending on chosen ingredients)

​ = Possible with a cooling unit in the base cabinet

Brewing time cup (120ml) 28 sec
Hourly capacity ca. 130 cups per 120 ml / ca. 15 ltr
Drink buttons 12
Adjustable cup tray 60-115 mm
Power supply 1N~230V / 50-60Hz / 2300W
Water connection 3/4”
Waste canister volume 6,7 ltr (ca. 125 cups coffee)
Max. tap height 167 mm
Filter type Permanent stainless steel filter
Grinding mechanism (OptiFresh Bean) Ceramic grinding mechanism (Ditting®)
Dimensions OptiFresh W 409 X D 575 X H 773 mm
Dimensions OptiFresh Bean W 409 x D 575 X H 864 mm
Capacity bean canister ca. 2.200 gram (290 cups)
Capacity canister 5,1 ltr Fresh brew coffee: ± 1.800 gr (230 cups) | Topping: ± 3.200 gr (210 cups) | Cacoa: ± 3.600 gr (200 cups)
Capacity canister 2,3 ltr Topping: ± 1.350 gr (80 cups) | Cacoa: ± 1.500 gr (200 cups)
Capacity canister 1,2 ltr Topping: ± 750 gr (50 cups) | Cacoa: ± 800 gr (45 cups)


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