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Coffee makers for delicious filter coffee.

With M-line coffee makers you can easily and quickly brew fresh coffee directly into a glass jug. The brewing time is about 6 minutes for 15 cups (1 jug). The self-regulating hot plates ensure that the coffee is always at the correct temperature.

The M-line includes both manual filling machines and machines with water connection. In addition, the equipment can be supplied with a hot water tap. The use of synthetic material combined with stainless steel gives the machine a striking and contemporary look, which makes them very attractive in appearance.

Animo equipment is very simple to operate. Smart options lead to a hassle-free, tasty result. This makes it fun to be the host.

Want to keep coffee warm? The heating plates are perfect for maintaining the temperature of the coffee.

  • Manual filling or with water connection
  • Also available with seperate hot water tap
  • Single or double brewing capacity
  • A jug detector starts and stops the brewing process
  • Leak stop
  • Acoustic signal which indicates when the coffee is ready
  • Descale indicator
  • Easy soft keys
  • Dry boil safety guard

Easy Operation

The coffee makers can be operated very easily. Smart facilities lead you to good results without any problems. This makes it a pleasure to take on the role of host or hostess.

  • Jug Detection: the brewing process is automatically stopped when the jug is removed.
  • Leak Stop feature: prevents dripping of the filter
  • Coffee-ready signal: a sound warns when coffee can be poured.
  • Touch keys: for flawless operation
  • Dry-boil protection: resettable from outside



M100 M200 M102 M202 M200w M202w
Hourly capacity coffee 18 ltr. | 144 cups 18 ltr. | 144 cups 28 ltr. | 224 cups 28 ltr. | 224 cups 14 ltr. | 112 cups 36 ltr. | 288 cups
Hourly capacity hot water - - - - 16 ltr. | 128 cups 21 ltr. | 168 cups
Jug capacity 2 2 4 4 2 4
Electrical connection 1N~220-240V
Water connection no yes (3/4”) no yes (3/4”) yes (3/4”) yes (3/4”)
Dimensions HxH*xDxW 460x625x205x380 460x625x205x380 460x625x420x380 460x625x420x380 460x625x420x380 460x625x620x380
Brewing time ± 6 min. per jug ± 6 min. per jug ± 8 min. per jug ± 8 min. per jug ± 8 min. per jug ± 6 min. per jug
Heating time water boiler - - - - ± 11 min. ± 9 min.
Holding temperature ± 84-86 °C ± 84-86 °C ± 84-86 °C ± 84-86 °C ± 84-86 °C ± 84-86 °C

H* = Height including glass jug

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