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Coffee makers for thermos jugs

With the MT-line coffee makers you can easily and quickly brew fresh coffee directly into a thermos jugs.

The use of synthetic material combined with stainless steel gives the MT-line coffee makers a striking and contemporary look, which makes them not only practical but also very attractive in appearance.

  • Manual filling or with water connection
  • Also available with seperare hot water tab
  • Single or double brewing capacity
  • A jug detector which starts and stops the brewing process
  • Leak stop
  • Acoustic signal which indicates when the coffee is ready
  • Descale indicator
  • Easy soft keys
  • Dry boil safety guard


  MT100 MT200 MT200w MT200wp MT202w MT100v MT200v
Hourly capacity coffee 18 ltr. | 144 cups 18 ltr. | 144 cups 14 ltr. | 112 cups 14 ltr. | 112 cups 36 ltr. | 288 cups 18 ltr. | 144 cups 18 ltr. | 144 cups
Hourly capacity hot water - - 16 ltr. | 128 cups 16 ltr. | 128 cups 21 ltr. | 168 cups - -
Suitable for: thermos jug with pump 2.1 ltr. thermos jug with pump 2.1 ltr. thermos container
2.4 ltr.
thermos jug with pump 2.1 ltr. thermos container
2.4 ltr.
all thermos jugs all thermos jugs
Electrical connection 1N~220-240V
1N~220 240V
Water connection no yes (3/4”) yes (3/4”) yes (3/4”) yes (3/4”) no no
Dimensions HxDxW in mm 595x205x380 595x205x380 650x420x380 595x420x380 650x620x380 adjustable adjustable
Brewing time ± 7.5 min. per jug ± 7.5 min. per jug ± 10 min. per jug ± 9 min. per jug ± 8 min. per 2 jugs differs per jug differs per jug
Heating time water boiler - - ± 11 min. ± 11 min. ± 9 min. - -
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