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Water dispenser for fresh, pure and cold water

With the Animo OptiCool water dispenser you can enjoy fresh, pure and cold water at every moment of the day. The OptiCool is a water dispenser that you easily connect to the water system. The OptiCool also means no more lifting of heavy bottles and no need to keep bottles in stock, which will save you costs and space.

Water is a very important ingredient for a healthy life. The OptiCool water dispenser is ideal for in the office, waiting rooms, sport centres, canteens, hotels, restaurants, and more!

  • Continuous supply of pure, cold and delicious water
  • Suitable for filling glasses, cups, jugs and bottles.
  • Temperature adjustable between 2 and 12 °C
  • High capacity; approx 10 litre per hour
  • Very compact and requires little space
  • Easy to install
  • Easy dosing through push and hold system
  • Direct connection to the water system
  • Suitable for every situation
  • Low maintenance
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