The new ComBi-line!

How do you brew great quantities of filter coffee? Original filter coffee with perfect taste? It just got easier: with Animo’s updated and reinvented ComBi-line, you’re sure to have the best filter coffee you can get. On this page you can download promotional materials and watch our newest ComBi-line videos! Please use it on your sales channels. 

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News: Red Dot Award for Animo's ComBi-line!


ComBi-line wins Red Dot Award!
Promotion video
How to make coffee
How to use the timer
Descaling Brew Sytem
Descaling Hot Water Boiler


NEW! - Red Dot Award photos (ZIP) 8 MB
NEW! - Press release Red Dot Award (PDF) 137 KB
NEW! - BIM files all models (RFA, ZIP) 31 MB
Brochure Coffee Professionals (PDF) 990 KB
Product Data Sheet (web, PDF) 1.4 MB
Product Data Sheet (print, PDF) 2 MB
Introduction flyer (PDF) 563 KB
What's New (previous- vs new model, PDF) 200 KB
Presentation (PowerPoint, PPT file) 7.7 MB
Presentation (PowerPoint, PDF) 1.6 MB
Press release (PDF) 71 KB
Quotation texts (all models, ZIP) 1.8 MB
Embed instructions all videos (PDF) 326 KB
Cut Sheets (ComBi-line, ZIP) 5.1 MB
Cut Sheets (CB incl. serving trolleys, ZIP) 4 MB
Photo package web & print (ZIP) 455 MB
CAD files all models (STP, ZIP) 152 MB
CAD files all models (DWG, ZIP) 349 MB
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