Instructions (re-) Installation

When (re)using your equipment after a long period of storage, we recommend that you take the following steps. Select a product group below.

Whenever a waterfilter is used in combination with your Animo machine: 

If a filter is mounted between your machine and the water tap, you could also flush it preventively. The procedure for this can differ per filter manufacturer. For the right amount of water to rinse per filter type: see also the datasheet of Brita (or be informed about this issue by your own filter supplier). Click here how to rinse the filter using a Brita water filter:

Completely renewing the cartridge is optional and usually not necessary. Renewal of the filter cartridge is standard procedure 12 months after the last filterchange.

(Proper rinsing is sufficient, using the button on top of the filter head and following instructions of the filter manufacturer about the correct volumes. (Rinsing volume should be at least 20 ltr.))

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