ComBi-Line with hot water boiler

  1. If present: completely drain the Hot Water boiler with the no-drip tap at the front.
  2. Switch on your device with the main switch and in case of the Water boiler Option: also your hot water boiler with the separate button.
  3. Inspect the inside of all containers for mold / deposits and if necessary clean with the appropriate means (see also the user manual)
  4. Link old CB
  5. Link CB NG
  6. Inspect the existing filter baskets for mold and deposits as mentioned above, identical to the containers.
  7. Brew a full container in the normal way without adding coffee and empty the container afterwards.
  8. Your device can now be used again.

Tip: for the instruction video how to brew coffee with your Combi-Line installation, follow the link below:


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