1. Switch on your machine and wait until it has warmed up and a message says: “Make your choice / place cup”
  2. Open the door and perform the actions indicated there on the sticker as 7 days / Weekly cleaning. Use the sachets with 10 grams of powder available under Art. no. 49009.
  3. For more info see also this instruction film
  4. Then optionally press the flush button 24 H / daily maintenance
  5. For more info see also this instruction video
  6. If your machine has been out of service for several weeks, the contents of your instant canisters may have clumped together if they were not preventively emptied during decommissioning: Remove the canisters 1 by 1 and, if necessary, provide them with new contents. The canister with pre-grounded  coffee must be emptied after a few weeks as well and provided with new contents. This renewal is not absolutely necessary for Freshbrew machines with a bean hopper (but also recommended).
  7. For more info see also this instruction video
  8. If desired, take several “hot water” recipes to refresh the system even more. You can also press the “daily rinse” button 24 H again.
  9. Your device can now be used again.

Tip: Scan the QR code on the inside of your machine door with your smartphone for direct access to all available instructional videos for the relevant device

In case of a Touch version: Open the menu as shown below and press Clean / Rinse.

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