1. Switch on your machine and wait until it has warmed up and a message says: “Make your choice / place cup”
  2. If your machine has been out of operation for several weeks / months, the contents of your instant canisters may be clumped if they were not preventively emptied during decommissioning: remove the canisters 1 by 1 and, if necessary, provide them with new contents. Refreshing the contents is not absolutely necessary for the bean hoppers(s) (but recommended after a longer period of time).
  3. First: follow the daily maintenance instructions as indicated in this Swipe Guide
  4. After the daily maintenance: Press the menu button, top left of your screen, and go to the user screen and start the combi button “Clean machine” on the left side. Carefully follow all instructions shown on the screen.
  5. This “clean machine” procedure is also shown in this Swipe Guide
  6. Your device can now be used again.

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