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Money exchanger

Coin Changer

The module is a superior coin changer that doubles as a coin recycler. All coins input into the changer are eventually recycled as change to another customer. Known for its distinctive 6-tube system, this coin changer consistently delivers high performance with its unique MFT coin validation technology. The patented Payout Redundancy Protection (PRP) coin dispensing system includes 3 independent payout motors to ensure that coin payout is always guaranteed meaning that no sales are lost. Available with various coin cassettes, all worldwide coins can be processed.

This coin changer is just one of the payment systems that are offered in combination with your coffee machine. The coin changer module is available for the OptiMe.

  • Suitable for coffee tokens, Euro's and other currencies.
  • Color (front): Black
  • Color (side and back panel): Black*

*OptiMe (side and back panels) can be configured here

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