Quantity and simplicity


Need to brew large amounts of coffee in a short time? Then a percolator from Animo offers the solution!

A classic solution

Percolators from Percostar are semi-automatic coffee makers that work according to the percolator system. This makes it possible to brew large quantities of coffee in a relatively short time. The coffee stays hot as long as the machine is on.

Quality and simplicity

Percolators do not require a fixed water connection. They are made entirely of stainless steel, have a beautifully polished appearance and feature a modern drain valve with gauge glass. This makes the Percostar a durable machine with a long service life.

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If you want to learn more about Animo percolators, check out our brochure online or download it to your computer.

A machine with many pluses

  • Manual filling
  • Gauge glass
  • No-drip faucet
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Boil dry protection
  • Polished stainless steel
  • Easy to move thanks to sturdy handles
  • Low energy consumption


  • Percostar 3

    • Buffer stock: 3 liters (24 cups)
    • Ø 230 x H 385
    • Virtalähde: 1N~230V/1500W/50-60Hz
  • Percostar 6.5

    • Buffer stock: 6.5 liters (50 cups)
    • Ø 230 x H 480
    • Virtalähde: 1N~230V/1500W/50-60Hz
  • Percostar 12

    • Buffer stock: 12 liters (96 cups)
    • Ø 275 x H 540
    • Virtalähde: 1N~230V/1500W/50-60Hz
  • Percostar 15

    • Buffer stock: 15 liters (120 cups)
    • Ø 275 x H 600
    • Virtalähde: 1N~230V/1500W/50-60Hz

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Requesting a quote

Animo offers you the possibility to make a no-obligation quote request very easily and quickly. You will then receive a response from an authorized Animo dealer in your area very soon.