Professional coffee makers for any location

Coffee makers for fresh filter coffee

Glass jug coffee makers

With the coffee makers from the M-line, you can easily and quickly brew fresh filter coffee directly into a glass jug.

Coffee makers with thermos

The MT-line from Animo is a very complete range of thermos jug equipment, based on an acclaimed contemporary design.

Excelso coffee makers

Professional stainless steel coffee makers for easy and quick brewing of fresh filter coffee in a glass jug or thermos.

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If you want to learn more about our fresh filter coffee makers, check out our brochure online or download it to your computer.

Coffee for all industries

Coffee needs can vary greatly by company and industry. At some companies, they want not only employees but also visiting customers to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee. For many industries, quality is the first selection criteria, while for other companies it is important to be able to brew a large quantity of coffee quickly. Therefore, Animo offers a variety of coffee machines that can meet the diverse needs of all industries. Ranging from offices, hotels, supermarkets, canteens and hospitals to educational institutions, car service centers and theaters…. and much more.