Cleaning agents

Avoid unnecessary maintenance costs


A perfect machine is a clean machine

Convenient on-screen cleaning instructions

To ensure the taste of the coffee and avoid breakdowns with associated costs, it is important to clean the machine regularly. Cleaning the Animo coffee machines is very easy: thanks to the handy on-screen instructions, you go through the cleaning program step by step.


Under the name OptiClean, Animo has an entire range of professional cleaning agents specifically for the Animo coffee machines in its assortment. Animo cleaning agents have been tested by us and guarantee the best cleaning results.

Cleaning interval

Based on normal operating conditions

  • Daily: rinsing
  • Daily for fresh milk: milk system cleaning
  • Weekly: clean with tablet and clean all dirty parts
  • Monthly: empty and clean the canisters
  • Semi-annually: coffee grinder cleaner (to be performed by mechanic)
  • Annually: descaling agent (to be performed by technician)


  • OptiClean cleaning tablets

    • Weekly cleaning
    • Recommended special cleaner for the espresso group
    • Contents: 100 tablets of 2 g
    • Item no. 1008750
  • Grindz coffee grinder cleaner

    • Semi-annual cleaning (by technician).
    • For thoroughly cleaning the coffee grinder
    • Binds coffee oils and cleans coffee grinder housing and grinding discs by friction
    • Gluten-free
    • 100% organic, natural fabrics
    • Content: 430 gr.
    • Item no. 1000151
  • Urnex Rinza milk cleaner

    • Daily cleaning
    • Breaks down the buildup of milk proteins
    • Only in combination with fresh milk
    • For thorough cleaning of the OptiMe fresh milk system
    • Capacity: 1.1 liters
    • Individually or per box of 6
    • Caution: other milk cleaning products may leave milk residue in the system
    • Item no. 1008126 (bottle)
    • Item no. 1008126 (6 bottles)
  • OptiClean coffee grounds solvent

    • Weekly cleaning
    • For removing tea and coffee stains
    • Can of 1 kg or box of 100 bags 10 gr.
    • Item no. 00008 (1 kg)
    • Item no. 490096 (box of 100 bags)
  • Coffee grounds solvent liquid

    • Recommended special cleaner for thorough cleaning of the permanent filter
    • Capacity: 0.9 ltr
    • Article no: 00002
  • OptiClean descaling agent

    • Annual cleaning (by mechanic)
    • Recommended descaling agent for thorough descaling
    • Can of 1 kg or box of 48 bags 50 gr.
    • Item no. 00009 (1 kg)
    • Item no. 49007 (box of 48 bags)

The overview below shows which cleaning products you can use with the various Animo coffee machines.

OptiClean cleaning tablets
Grindz coffee grinder cleaner
Urnex Rinza milk cleaner  
OptiClean coffee grounds solvent
Coffee grounds solvent liquid      
OptiClean descaling agent

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