Maritime industry


Excellent coffee machines with high-quality service

Whatever time of day it is and however far from home you are, you want to be able to enjoy a good cup of coffee

In the port and at sea, work is done 24/7. No matter what time of day it is or how far from home you are, you always want to be able to enjoy a good cup of coffee. So that you can get back to work with new energy. At Animo, we know this, which is why we make coffee machines and coffee installations for the entire maritime industry. From filter coffee on the rig, to the kitchen on the ship; we have the right solution for all of them.

We are happy to help you

Because we always want to be close by, we work with high-quality dealers throughout the country. Through our dealer network, we can offer a total concept if required, from ingredients and service, to buying, renting or leasing our coffee machines. Unsure which coffee maker to order? Or are you looking for an office coffee machine, but not sure whether to choose instant coffee, filter coffee or fresh beans? Or would you simply like to know how we manage the maintenance of our machines?

Our team is ready to answer all your questions.