Trade show calendar

Where can you find us?

You can find Animo at the trade shows listed below.

Of course, it is also possible to visit our showroom in Assen or one of our dealers throughout the country. You can contact us for this purpose.

Animo exhibition agenda 2024

08-01-2024 to 11-01-2024 Horecava, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
08-03-2024 to 12-03-2024 Internorga, Hamburg, Germany
19-03-2024 to 21-03-2024 Health & Care, Ghent, Belgium
23-04-2024 to 25-04-2024 Altenpflege, Essen, Germany
27-06-2024 to 29-06-2024 World of Coffee, Copenhagen, Denmark
17-11-2024 to 20-11-2024 Horeca Expo, Ghent, Belgium