Professional coffee machines for any location.

Coffee Machines

Beans (Espresso) fresh milk


Enjoy a freshly ground strong espresso, a delicious lungo or a cappuccino with fresh milk. The OptiMe combines taste and appearance in a unique personal design.

Beans (Espresso)

OptiMe X

The OptiMe X is equipped with a the X-press brewer, the perfect coffee has never been easier.

Beans (Espresso)

OptiBean X

A strong espresso, the perfect cappuccino, a delicious lungo – whatever you drink, true taste is in the smallest details. That’s exactly what the OptiBean X offers.

Beans (Espresso)


Discover the ultimate coffee experience with this stylish and reliable machine. Enjoy powerful espresso, perfect cappuccino and delicious coffee. An all-rounder for the ultimate taste experience.

Fresh brew


Trusted delicious filter coffee (fresh brew) and many varieties. Do you prefer the taste of freshly ground coffee beans? The OptiFresh also comes with a coffee grinder, which grinds the beans and brews delicious filter coffee in no time.



Experience the power of the OptiVend. Enjoy instant coffee in seconds, perfect taste and temperature. At any time of day.

Coffee for all industries

Coffee needs can vary greatly by company and industry. At some companies, they want not only employees but also visiting customers to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee. For many industries, quality is the first selection criteria, while for other companies it is important to be able to brew a large quantity of coffee quickly. Therefore, Animo offers a variety of coffee machines that can meet the diverse needs of all industries. Ranging from offices, hotels, supermarkets, canteens and hospitals to educational institutions, car service centers and theaters…. and much more.