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Instant Coffee Machine

Life comes in many flavors.

Animo’s OptiVend Next Generation is an instant machine for fresh, hot coffee any moment of the day. Just choose your favorite drink and a steaming cup is ready in seconds at the touch of a button.

Espresso? Cappuccino? Or maybe tea? With the Animo OptiVend, the choice is yours. Because tastes differ.

The Animo OptiVend is available in many models that accommodate from 1 to 6 instant ingredient canisters. The more canisters, the more choice.

  • Full of taste
  • Quick and easy
  • Hourly cap. coffee: up to 1.250 cups!
  • User-friendly in every sense
  • Models for cups and thermosjugs
  • Energy efficient
  • Design for every environment

Design for every environment

OptiVend’s sleek design is at home in any setting:

  • office & business
  • cafetarias
  • theaters
  • schools
  • event venues
  • hotels
  • hospitals
  • and much more!

Quick, easy and always ready

OptiVend is user-friendly in every sense. It’s easy to install, operate and maintain. Our technology and construction ensure years of hassle-free use. OptiVend is always ready to go.

  • OptiVend is high in capacity, making cup after cup with no waiting time.
  • Energy Saving Mode minimizes power consumption when on standby
  • Reliable technology and durable construction

Full of taste

How do you prefer to start the day: a long cappuccino or a short, strong espresso? Tastes differ when it comes to coffee. And variety makes life richer.

With OptiVend, you can choose exactly what you feel like, any moment of the day.

  • OptiVend accommodates from 1 to 6 instant ingredient canisters
  • Separate tap for hot water, so tea always tastes like it should.
  • See your choice clearly displayed
  • Available in white, black grey and red


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