We make premium-quality coffee machines and equipment that are user-friendly, durable and convenient to maintain.

Our machines deliver a wide range of fresh, hot beverages time after time. Everything from freshly ground espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato to tea, hot chocolate and instant soup.

We’ve been doing business for over 70 years in more than 70 countries worldwide. Because good coffee takes a good machine. And a good machine takes experience, expertise and dedication.

Since 1950.

Founded in 1950 in Amersfoort (NL) the company expanded very quickly and soon opened a second production plant in Assen (NL). In 1996 the plant in Assen became the headoffice. In 1991 and 1992 Animo opened own sales offices with warehouse in Belgium, Germany and France.

The unique strength of Animo lies in its versatility, offering self-service or automatic coffee machines, plus the ability to provide a machine for any situation. The Animo range covers all types of coffee and tea machines, serving trolleys, food and beverage containers, water heaters and beverage heaters.

Long History

Animo was founded on 10 December 1950 and has a long history. In 1950 founder L. Scheepstra started selling coffee making systems and supplies on a small scale in a shop in Amersfoort.

Following a succesful start, Animo rapidly expanded. In 1962 a second branch was opened in Assen to ensure that the wide range of products could continue to be produced for an increasing number of customers in more and more countries. Like Germany, for example, from where the first orders came pouring in.

Customer specific Solutions

Animo can provide an efficient solution for any type of requirement concerning the provision of coffee and / or tea. We supply machines suitable for board meetings as well as those suited to work floor. Our extensive customer base of professional large-scale users at home and abroad include, among others, (goverment) institutions, the maritime sector, the catering industry, healthcare and offices.

The continal improvement and renewal of our products, production and supporting company processes result in high customer satisfaction because we can offer the best value for money, fast delivery and good service.

Sustainability and craftsmanship

We use only the best materials, like stainless steel for the housings of the machines. This not only looks elegant, but it is also sustainable. Furthermore, we only use high quality components that guarantee a fast, well-functioning machine for a long period of time. We have been ISO 9001 certified since 1994. A standard of high quality is a must for us.

Over the entire history, craftsmanship has always been first and foremost. Processing stainless steel is a craft. The use of stainless steel is still an important trademark of Animo.

knowledge and expertise

The support & service department, with its deep knowledge and expertise, is invaluable to Animo. This department can be contacted every day and provides technical trainings to customers on location worldwide or in Assen, the Netherlands. This means our dealers benefit from excellent knowledge and that we are able to guarantee our service and quality.

Ready for the future

Animo is a modern company that keeps up with the times, in the field of innovation, product development and customisation, and also with regards to the spirit of the age, customer experience and requirements. Animo has a whole new corporate design since 2014. With our new logo and the slogan that goes with it, we present ourselves in a modern, fresh way and are fully prepared for the future.

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