Beverage heaters cleaning

Clean the milk warmer every day after use, because a clean reservoir is the basis for tasty milk.

Do not use a lemon juice cleaner as milk is very sensitive to lemon.
It is recommended to use the Animo MPW cleaning agent to remove stubborn milk residues:

  • Dispense 100-150 ml of MPW cleaner into the reservoir and add 1/2 L warm water.
  • Spread the solution with a soft brush over the reservoir wall and let it act for a while (± 10 min).
  • Drain the MPW cleaner with the tap and rinse the reservoir.
  • The tap and lid are also easy to clean.

Animo cleaning products

Animo has selected a special range of recommended cleaning products. We advise to use these products. Animo cleaning products are tested by us and guarantee the best cleaning result.

Cleaning interval* Beverage heaters

  • Occasional / when necessary: milk fur remover

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