CI Series

Insulated beverage containers


For flavor preservation and quality of hot beverages, it is important to keep them at the right temperature after preparation

For preserving flavor

The insulated beverage container type CI has a polyurethane insulation layer (CFC free) and therefore maintains the ideal temperature of both cold and hot beverages excellently. Standard containers are equipped with no-drip crane.

Polyurethane insulation layer

If the containers will be used in different locations or under unpredictable conditions, insulated containers are the better choice. A double-walled stainless steel body with polyurethane insulation layer keeps drinks at the original temperature for a long time. Insulated containers are also energy-saving. If the containers will be used where electricity is available, the electric model is the best choice.

A container with many pluses

  • Double-walled stainless steel 18/9
  • For hot and cold beverages
  • No-drip faucet
  • Seamless welded
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stackable


  • CI 4

    • Buffer stock: 4 ltr
    • With carrying handle
    • Ø 237 x H 346
    • Item no. 50038
  • CI 6

    • Buffer stock: 6 ltr
    • With carrying handle
    • Ø 237 x H 405
    • Item no. 50039
  • CI 10

    • Buffer stock: 10 ltr
    • With handle
    • Ø 252 x H 489
    • Item no. 50041
  • CI 20

    • Buffer stock: 20 ltr
    • With handle
    • Ø 307 x H 576
    • Item no. 50044

  • Item no. 99747
  • Item no. 99748

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