CE Series

Electrically heated beverage containers


For flavor retention and quality of hot drinks, it is important, that they are kept at the right temperature after preparation.

The au-bain-marie effect

The CE containers are equipped with a heating element with klixon thermostat that does not touch the bottom. This produces a hot-air au bain-marie effect that keeps the drink at the right temperature (about 85°C) and keeps it longer.

Electrically heated?

If the containers will be used where electricity is available, the electric model is the best choice. A small heating element keeps the drink at the perfect temperature. However, if the containers are used in different locations or under unpredictable conditions, insulated containers are the better choice. A double-walled stainless steel body with polyurethane insulation layer keeps drinks at the original temperature for a long time. Insulated containers are also energy-saving.

A container with many pluses

  • Double-walled stainless steel 18/9
  • Storage temperature approx. 85°C
  • No-drip faucet
  • Seamless welded
  • Easy to clean
  • Stackable


  • CE 4

    • Buffer stock: 4 ltr
    • With carrying handle
    • Storage temperature approx. 85 °C
    • Ø 237 x H 346
    • Aansluitwaarde: 1N~230V/165W/50-60Hz
    • Item no. 50050
  • CE 6

    • Buffer stock: 6 ltr
    • With carrying handle
    • Storage temperature approx. 85 °C
    • Ø 237 x H 405
    • Aansluitwaarde: 1N~230V/165W/50-60Hz
    • Item no. 50051
  • CE 10

    • Buffer stock: 10 ltr
    • With handle
    • Storage temperature approx. 85 °C
    • Ø 252 x H 489
    • Aansluitwaarde: 1N~230V/165W/50-60Hz
    • Item no. 50053
  • CE 20

    • Buffer stock: 20 ltr
    • With handle
    • Storage temperature approx. 85 °C
    • Ø 307 x H 576
    • Aansluitwaarde: 1N~230V/385W/50-60Hz
    • Item no. 50056

  • Item no. 99747
  • Item no. 99748

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