Cup dispensers

For different sizes of coffee cups


A valuable addition to your Animo coffee machine

Keep your coffee corner tidy

If you use coffee cups, it is advisable to place a cup dispenser next to the coffee machine. With this beautiful cup dispenser and thanks to the convenient ingredient tray on top of the cup dispenser, you will keep the coffee corner tidy and ensure a hygienic working environment for your employees, customers and guests. The cup dispenser can accommodate different sizes of coffee cups. Our dispensers also fit plastic coffee cups to meet environmental requirements.

Fits the Animo coffee machines

The cup dispenser is great for Animo’s vending machines and is easy to install. The cup dispenser has three dispensing points and is suitable for coffee cups from 60 to 90 mm in diameter. Animo’s cup dispenser features an ingenious dispensing system and has space for 150 coffee cups. Simply pull the coffee cups out of the dispenser with a minimum of force.

Cup dispensers with many pluses

  • For coffee cups with a diameter of 60 to 90 mm
  • Also suitable for most plastic cups
  • Includes removable ingredient tray on top
  • Compact 360° design
  • Approx. 3 x 50 cups (30 cm)
  • Automatic cup pressure mechanism
  • W 140 x D 375 x H 570
  • Position: to the left or right of the coffee machine

Requesting a quote

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