"Help! I want to be able to offer the best coffee, but there are so many brewing methods these days, which brewing method should I have? Everyone has their own preference for coffee and each type of coffee has its own brewing method. That is why choosing the right coffee machine can sometimes be very difficult.”

Need a coffee machine to provide many people with coffee in a short time? Then you need a coffee machine with a brewing method that suits your needs! Or do you only take a few cups because you are a shop? Until now we only thought of a nice cup of filter coffee, nowadays there are different brewing methods for every situation. At Animo we have different coffee making systems for your good cup of coffee. We share the most popular coffee brewing methods in this blog!

Fresh bean coffee

A good cup of coffee from fresh beans? One of the most popular brewing methods is brewing coffee with fresh beans. Beans are finely ground on site and put under high pressure, we call this the espresso method. You get the best coffee by keeping the beans fresh for as long as possible and only grinding at the last minute. The taste of coffee beans is generally stronger, this is because the beans are very fresh. This is why this coffee-making method is often chosen.

A coffee machine with fresh beans is often chosen in locations where a good cup of coffee is desired. Such as catering locations, the teacher's room or meeting room. Animo has two coffee machines that make a delicious cup of coffee with fresh beans, the OptiBean Touch and OptiMe.

Fresh brew coffee

A nice freshly brewed cup of coffee in a short time? Then opt for fresh brew coffee. After roasting the coffee beans, they are left alone for a day, so that the gases escape. The beans are then finely ground and vacuum packed. The difference with beans is that fresh brew has a fine grind and is brewed faster. At the touch of a button you have a delicious cup from the coffee machine.

For example, a coffee machine with fresh brew coffee is suitable for locations such as education, healthcare institutions or a supermarket. Good coffee is expected at these locations, but it is brewed quickly. Animo has the OptiFresh Touch with delicious fresh brew coffee, full of flavor and the perfect temperature!

In addition to making a cup of coffee, fresh brew coffee is also suitable for making jugs of coffee!

Instant coffee

Need many cups of coffee in a short time? Then instant coffee, also known as freeze-dried or instant coffee, is the perfect solution. Instant coffee is made by the so-called freeze-drying of freshly brewed coffee, which produces a powdered coffee. By only adding hot water you have a cup of coffee very quickly. Now you may be thinking, does this coffee have enough taste? Because the process happens very quickly, the delicious aromas are preserved.

Instant coffee is about making as much coffee as possible in a short period of time. The OptiVend Touch is very suitable for sports canteens, canteens or concert halls, for example. The OptiVend produces large quantities of instant coffee within seconds.

Filter coffee

A coffee brewing method for large locations? That is the filter coffee, this is one of the most commonly used coffee-making methods, whereby tasty and a lot of coffee can be produced by means of a medium coarse grind. Hot water is slowly poured over the coffee beans, causing it to filter, so you get filter coffee. Filter coffee is highly recommended for a good cup of black coffee.

Animo has various coffee makers, such as the ComBi-line, which brew large quantities by means of filter coffee for schools, trade fairs and conferences, for example. The great combination ComBi-line brews no less than 1,440 cups (180 litres) per hour! But we also offer various solutions for smaller locations!

There is a coffee brewing method that suits your company for every situation and every moment.

Wondering which coffee machine is right for you?

Then do the Coffee Machine Advisor and discover it for yourself!

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