A working day in the life of Aalze

In this blog, we take you through a working day in the life of Aalze, marketing associate at Animo


Starting the day early

Despite flexible working hours, I prefer to start as early as possible. After about 15 minutes of cycling, I park the bike in the bike rack and after wishing a few colleagues in the factory good morning, getting the mail out of the mailbox, I enter a dark office. I am the first again. I let our coffee machine in the hallway rinse before taking out a cup of coffee.

Meanwhile, the computer booted up. After logging in, I can launch the most commonly used programs including Outlook. Just checking to see if any important emails have come in since the previous day that need an immediate response.

The marketing department

My part in the marketing department consists of preparing all kinds of files, keeping in mind the Animo corporate identity, such as brochures, product data sheets, price lists, canvas canvases, flags, etc. But also adjusting product or mood photos in Photoshop or creating a logo in Illustrator.

My work

Back to my mailbox, our account manager Patrick would like a Product data sheet of our OptiMe in Polish. For this, a translation must first be requested from our translation agency. Through the translator’s portal, I have the cost of the translation within 10 minutes, which I then get delivered ready-made 2 days later.

A dealer in Sweden would like his logo to be on the front of the Brochure OptiBean and on the last page he would like his contact information. I create the brochure in Indesign with the correct logo and send the pdf to the Swedish dealer for verification that it is all correct. Then the flyer might even be printed the same day. Our HR lady would like an Animo logo for a magazine. I just send this via email; large files we send via WeTransfer.

Rounding out the day

In connection with a new product, we had a photo shoot. As a result, we have received many photos that need to be freestanding and made available to our sales and dealers in various formats. The high resolution photos are for print, the low resolution for website or social media. Then a colleague asks if I can create a newsletter banner and email banner for a trade show coming up in the next few weeks.

One last cup of coffee to get through the last hour. Quite a job all those photos. Last fifteen minutes of the work day: adjust the schedule in Teams and see what’s planned for the next day. Then I look for my bike in the almost deserted bike shed and cycle home.