A good cup of coffee from the coffee machine

A good cup of coffee from the coffee machine

Without coffee, no life!

Today, coffee is unmissable. But the demands for a cup of coffee are increasing. A good cup of coffee is the standard! But is this possible from a coffee machine?

The answer to that: YES, OF COURSE! And it’s not difficult at all, if you know what to look for. Let’s take a look at a coffee machine that uses coffee beans. In the Animo range, then, you might consider an OptiBean X or OptiMe. So what aspects are important for a good cup of coffee? The following 4 factors play an important role in this.

Types of coffee beans

First of all, this starts with the type of coffee bean. This differentiates roughly into the Arabica and Robusta which again come from different countries. Arabica is considered the better quality bean, but a blend of Arabica and Robusta is also often used to achieve the ultimate cup. In addition, the roast of the beans also affects the end result in your cup.

Water quality

Another aspect of interest is water. Coffee consists mostly of water. Therefore, the quality of the water also determines the taste of your coffee. Animo always recommends the use of a water filter. This way you’ll have a consistent quality cup of coffee, but it’s also sure to preserve your machine. Water temperature is also important when making a cup of coffee. This certainly affects quality.

Grinding of coffee beans

In a coffee machine, coffee beans are ground. The grind (fineness of the ground coffee) largely determines the final result of your coffee. It should be noted here that not every bean reacts the same way. So this means that when using different coffee beans, you might need a different grind.

Of course, the amount of coffee you use per cup also affects your cup of coffee. The amount is determined in part by the recipe you choose such as espresso, cappuccino, but of course the cup size is also influential.

Taste of coffee

The final result is judged on appearance, but mostly on taste. When you make a cup of coffee, you can look at the crema; is there a nice solid crema? For example, blow the cream layer apart a bit and then see if it closes up again. You can also judge the cream layer by color, it should have and nice constant brownish color. Most importantly, of course, what does the coffee taste like? So many people, so many tastes. Do you like the cup of coffee? Then you will have the perfect cup of coffee!