Recycle to the max

Recycle to the max

Sustainability and recycling

Together we are responsible for keeping the earth running. Animo is aware of the general importance of sustainable business and makes a green contribution in the value chain in various ways. We are happy to tell you what our green contributions are:

Life of the machines

Our coffee machines have a long service life. Thanks to the high-quality materials used by Animo, the coffee machines last a long time. The same parts are used as much as possible within different types of machines. This minimizes the number of (spare) parts to be used. This means that parts can be easily replaced in case of failure. In addition, the base of all coffee machines is stainless steel. This stainless steel is not only indestructible, but also a raw material that is 100% recyclable. The glass and copper incorporated in the machines are also fully recyclable materials which ensures that the Animo machines are almost completely recyclable!

Recyclability by coffee machine

You can probably imagine that a coffee machine consists of many parts. At Animo, one coffee machine consists of an average of 300 different parts. To achieve reusability, all parts are weighed and material types are identified. This results in a complete inventory of 6 material types per machine, namely: stainless steel, steel, plastic, electronic components, glass and copper. We determine the recyclability for each machine by assigning a percentage to the materials and weights. Recyclability means that the materials can be used for the same purpose even before it was incorporated into the product.

Recycling obligation

Dutch legislation requires producers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment to take care of the collection and recycling of the equipment. Animo is affiliated with Weee Netherlands. Weee stands for “Waste Electrical and Economic Equipment. They provide collection, recycling and environmentally friendly disposal of electronic waste.

From coffee grounds to oyster mushrooms

Due to frequent machine testing, we occasionally have an abundance of coffee grounds (currently about 180 kg per week!). And because Animo is aware of the importance of sustainable business and thinks about reusing and recycling materials and food, we got in touch with WesterZwam.

“WesterZwam puts the circular economy into practice and offers a short-chain solution for circular food production. By working together with the whole chain.” They grow oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds, from restaurants and now from Animo! A win-win situation and great fun to contribute to this.