Coffee beans in every scent & color

Coffee beans in every scent & color

Real coffee is enjoyment. You have to take some time for that. No matter how busy it is or where you are. Pure coffee, freshly ground and at the right temperature. You don’t have to go to an Italian terrace for it. Because it can actually be done anywhere, at your home, office or cafeteria.

With the OptiBean X from Animo, you can make real espresso in no time and many varieties. The OptiBean X can hold delicious coffee beans, but did you know there are different types of coffee beans?

In this blog, we’ll tell you all about the types and differences between beans!


The first type of bean we take a closer look at is the Arabica bean! This coffee bean has a sweet and mild taste because this bean contains an aroma of sugar and fruit. Arabica beans grow in regions around the equator such as Central and South America. There they grow at a minimum of 600 meters, but the bean grows best at an altitude of 1500 meters! Because this bean grows tall it does not need to protect itself from parasites or disease, this is why it contains much less caffeine than other beans, as much as 50% less!

The Arabica coffee plant is the most widely grown worldwide. This ensures that as much as 70% of the global coffee crop is made up of Arabica beans and thus this is also the best-selling coffee bean. The coffee bean is very much liked by consumers there is perceived as a nice coffee with a refined taste, this because the coffee is nice to drink away!


For the coffee lover who likes a strong cup of freshly ground coffee, there is the Robusta bean! This bean has a firm and bitter taste because this bean possesses a lot of caffeine! Robusta plants grow around the equator such as Southeast Asia. Because this plant grows low (up to 600 meters), they are much more resistant to drought and heat. The Robusta plant accounts for about 30% of world production.

The Robusta plant is becoming increasingly popular because it is less likely to get sick and because of this, this bean contains more caffeine which also gives it more flavor. Robusta beans are mainly used to make a nice cup of coffee or in different coffee blends, this provides more spice! A combination of Arabica and Robusta is also common!


In addition to the well-known Arabica and Robusta, there is also the Liberica bean! This bean is a lesser-known coffee plant variety. The Liberica plant is native to Uganda and Liberia. This species provides only about 1% of world production. It grows in low areas and preferably in warm forests which also makes this plant better protected against diseases. This bean is mainly used for local consumption and not for export, this is due to varying quality and a high percentage of caffeine. The plant is almost twice the size of the Arabica, growing up to 18 meters tall!


For the coffee drinker who wants a little less caffeine, there is the decaf bean! This bean contains much less caffeine than the other beans, decaf coffee should not contain more than 1 mg of caffeine per gram of dry coffee. To make decaf coffee, Arabica beans are used, but to make decaf the caffeine must be extracted. One way to do this process is to put the beans in water, this causes them to swell. Under the influence of low temperature and high pressure, the caffeine is extracted, this with the help of carbonic acid. After this, the beans are dried and roasted and you have decaf beans!

Choose your coffee bean!

Which bean should you choose now? The Arabica, Robusta, Liberica or Decaf! This is entirely up to your taste and desire. If you like a mild coffee flavor, choose the Arabica. Do you prefer a strong cup of coffee? Then it’s better to go for the Robusta bean. A combination of the two is also possible, of course! Liberica is not used for export and is therefore hardly for sale. Want a great cup of coffee, but with as little caffeine as possible? Then try decaf beans!

The caviar among coffees!

Have you ever heard of the Kopi Luwak coffee bean? This is the most expensive coffee in the world! It is a type of coffee made from either the Arabica or the Robusta. These beans are grown on plantations. From a coffee plant come berries that contain seeds, these are the coffee beans! On the plantations in Indonesia, the Luwak cat walks around, this cat loves the pulp of the coffee berries and also eats these berries as soon as it is ripe. With the cat’s feces, flavored coffee beans come out, locals pick up these coffee beans and leave it to dry for four to seven days. After drying, the beans are washed and lightly roasted, from this is created the Kopi Luwak coffee bean!